Saturday, May 25, 2013

Significant showcases that sum up global art trends

Pedro Cabrita Reis, one of the leading Portuguese artists of his generation, shows an in-situ intervention, entitled ‘A Remote Whisper’, which covers the entire 700 sq.m. exhibition area of Palazzo Falier’s ‘piano nobile’ courtesy Direção-Geral das Artes.

A remote whisper flows through the rooms, embracing the walls, doorways and floors with aluminum tubes, fluorescent lights and cables like drawings in space. On the other hand, in the Monumental Room of the prestigious Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (San Marco Square) Lore Bert exhibits 5 mirror sculptures into a paper environment along with 11 large format works, in an exhibition entitled Art and Knowledge – The spirit of the place in the Platonic Solids. The 5 Platonic Solids represent 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and universe.

‘The Back to Back to Biennale’ project is a cultural event, which from a certain collective and generation-wise point of view is characterized by performances that the artists deliver, with no filter whatsoever from a Curator or a thematic point of view, there is freedom of expression, as the subtitle claims.

An accompanying note elaborates: “Contemporary art, from the post-war period to date, has theorized and explained the many and different manners of self expression. Writers are a phenomenal, artistic movement which has arisen from the ashes of the highly urbanized societies, where peripheries are considered ghettoes and where being a citizen means seeing the city as a great palette through which to interpret one’s notion of reality.”

‘Bart Dorsa. Katya’ is an exhibition of collodion and silver glass photographic plates and bronze sculpture presented in a specifically organized dark space. The project delivers an intimate story of a Russian girl discovered in Moscow by the American artist. ‘The Starry Messenger’ by Bedwyr Williams takes its name from a study published by Galileo Galilei about his discoveries through a telescope. Shirazeh Houshiary presents a four channel video first conceived in 2003, in a remastered version and as part of a new and unique, site-specific installation.

Another exhibition by a group of outstanding Chinese artists courtesy New York-based Global Art Center aims to juxtapose the cultural impact, appropriation, reflection, and reinvention existing in the Chinese culture through the lens of globalization. In a time when artists generally reflect upon individual empiricism as the main body of their artistic practice, they have returned to their cultural heritage after acquiring the knowledge of Western art.

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