Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 ideas to form a quality art portfolio

Here are 5 practical ideas to help you in your endeavor to build a quality art portfolio that exudes diversity, reflects current trends and is still timeless in terms of relevance:

1.    First and foremost, decide for yourself how much you can allocate to start. With prices having reached attractive levels and with the economy set to grow faster than the western economies, now is a perfect time to get into contemporary Indian art. You may strike a few good bargains.

2.    As every experienced collector and expert would reveal, the key is to start off with smaller canvases within one’s budget before gradually progressing to high value works by more established artists. It is not a wise idea to buy works just for the sake of a false sense of pride attached with bigger names.

3.    An avid art lover, keen to become a genuine collector, should learn to initiate and immerse oneself in the process of spotting and buying quality works. It is vital to visit galleries, watch shows, study various art forms, media, style etc, and to analyze works by artists of different eras done in specific contexts. This will enhance one’s ability to analyze compositions, their themes and subject matter.

4.    Market analysts feel that going for the middle work of a well-established artist or betting on a young artist both has own sets of intricacies. Accordingly, the risk element is determined. If you intend to buy art as an investment, it makes sense to diversify the portfolio with a good mix of established and emerging artists.

5.    As the market dynamics suggests, it’s the availability of fresh or rare pieces that stokes bidding and drives up prices. Conversely, when sellers tend to hold back and buyers turn less optimistic, often second-rate and mid-range works flood the market, attracting little interest. The result is a sharp drop-off. Tracing its peaks and troughs is like experiencing a real roller-coaster that you shall learn to ride.

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