Sunday, May 5, 2013

Peeping into Rekha Rodwittiya’s painterly realm

A belief that female empowerment and its associated emotional baggage is rather complex in nature marks the works of this staunch feminist. She airs strong voices that inhibit the desire to drive away the stereotype of prevailing gender bias, and clamors for a complete change of mindset in her work that also deals with diverse issues- socio-political as well as the intimate and personal in nature. Here's a quick look at Acclaimed artist her painterly realm that echoes her artistic concerns:
  • Rekha Rodwittiya’s paintings allow a peep not only into her viewpoint but also her inner realm. They are not sheer illustrative stories about her personal life, and in keeping with her broader concerns, act as a sort of homage to the ancestry of womanhood, transforming the presence of her persona into its emblematic representation.
  • For her, painting has invariably been a mode of spontaneous expression, prompting a dialogue with herself and those in tune with her philosophy or even against it. Encapsulating her philosophy, she has stated: “There are certain things within the history and the currency of life, which get absorbed into an artist’s vocabulary.
  • "My work displays a consistent involvement with the human figure as a leitmotif to embody man’s predicament. I’ve also made a conscious choice to engage with the delineation of the female figure over time. Though the concerns largely remain the same, now the negotiations are different.”
  • In fact, her personal politics are fashioned from none other than the perspective of gender issues. Her art is conceived from this very mold of her conscience, which holds her feminist spirit as its crux, with an urgency and passion, seeping into every crevice of her existence. Her protagonists often take up various postures or stances in exploring their individual identities.
  • One observes a subtle play on time, with the artist walking the memory lane with snapshots of the past. But then not everything about her work is overtly sentimental. There is a scissor or a sword in her frames more often than once.

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  1. Thank you Prashant for embracing the spirit of my work.

    Warm regards,

    Rekha Rodwittiya