Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A sensitive artist's journey from fantasy to realism

Interestingly, he was not aware of a hidden artistic inclination or talent though he showed an enormous determination and capacity for hard work. No surprise, he would invariably score poorly but started picking up nuances of art as time passed by. After he finished his early schooling chores, he decided that he would not be pursuing bookish curriculum.

In an effort to fine tune his artistic skills, he joined the Government College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata where he completed his graduation in 1982. He then was associated with an ad agency as an illustrator. The job brought him to the capital city of India, New Delhi. His very first assignment was to come up with one an ad on tyres.

The job profile did not suit his artistic self, however much he tried. It was only expected that he would leave the agency; he did so just months later to join Hindustan Thomson Associates where he got the opportunity to freelance, allowing him to afford a rented place and luxury of time to work on a series of watercolors and oils that were displayed at Dhoomimal Gallery in 1988. All the five watercolors were bought, encouraging him to pursue his passion.

His first inspiration, so to say, was the Phantom of the famous comics. He used to draw the character on the walls and on the doors, everywhere he could think of, but now his imagination traverses different wide ranging themes and motifs. Among one of the most renowned students of painter Bikash Bhatacharjee, he has moved beyond the fantasy world, coming closer to realism, looking to blend the outer and inner realities, juxtapose or even confront both at times. Fascinating figurative images of this renowned contemporary artist seem closer to those in the works of many Dutch realist painters or some of the French painters from 18th century.

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