Friday, May 3, 2013

How and why informal settings inspire artists?

Art camps in informal settings across India and abroad have become extremely popular within the artistic fraternity. Soaking in the exotic settings to maximize their creativity is a concept that finds favor with most artists since they are able to talk art, and exchange ideas without any inhibitions. No surprise, several Indian contemporary artists regularly feature in them.

The RPG Academy of Art & Music been holding an annual art camp at Marve Beach, Mumbai since 1991, where young and old artists from across the country come together to interact with each other. The 2012 art camp just concluded in the serene settings of Marve, a beach town in North Mumbai.

The eclectic event is hosted by group chairman and art aficionado, Harsh Goenka, and Vikram Sethi, the director of The Arts Trust. The two art aficionados have carefully nurtured the concept over time. It’s an annual meet which allows artists from different generations, genres, regions and styles to come together to share ideas and paint as well. Apart from senior artists, many young and upcoming ones are invited to give them a chance to interact with senior artists.

The gathering constitutes a perfect setting for painters to create some inspiring masterpieces. The participating artists live and paint together for seven days at the camp. They are specially selected and invited from across the country. As the practitioners of different generations, varying thought processes and styles come together, they are able to learn a few things from each other' albeit inadvertently.

In a way they seek inspiration from each other and engage in a gamut of art-related activities. Every year, they are asked to do self-portraits besides the works of their choice. The broad purpose is to provide the artists with a liberated environment, closeness to nature, and most importantly, the confluence of creative capabilities, which sure has been served over the years at the RPG art camp.

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