Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting up close with a top contemporary art collector and patron

Harsh Goenka, possessing one of India’s largest private art collections, is equally proud of his annual art camp's success. His rich collection embraces a wide array of genres and styles of art. It transcends several generations of Indian artists. His initial acquisitions included works on the great saint Mother Teresa. He purchased `Mother Teresa' by M. F. Husain when she was extremely unwell. It was his first painting he acquired for Rs. one lakh.

Throwing light on the intriguing relationship Harsh Goenka shares with is art collection, a news report had quoted him as saying: “I didn't even know that Mother Teresa and I have a special connect, it emerged much after I got to know her. She came to my office here, which then had a Husain painting featuring Mother. She touched my hand and I sensed compassion."

His exquisite collection comprises abstract art, figurative works, installations, new media art and, of course, the portraits that transcend several key milestones of Indian art history. The R.P. Goenka collection of miniatures is among the most coveted and treasured ones in India.

Taking the glorious tradition ahead, Harsh Goenka launched the RPG Academy of Art & Music. It has been organizing an annual art camp in Mumbai, for almost two decades. Traversing the boundaries of business, RPG Enterprises has enhanced its reputation as a socially committed organization. The group generously contributes toward the welfare of various meaningful social causes. It is actively simultaneously involved in promotion of the sports and arts through RPG Academy of Art & Music.

Once asked why he has not yet opened an art gallery, he attributed it to his relationship to paintings comes from the heart and not the mind. He had stated: “I cannot see myself trading in paintings. Perhaps a museum at a later stage could be a possibility. I can’t see myself trading. Perhaps a museum (will come) at a later stage...”

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