Thursday, May 23, 2013

An artist driven by Keen observation and meticulous processes

Summing up his processes, Ratnadeep Adivrekar has once stated: “I'm more interested in the associational nature of thinking itself and a deliberate act of misunderstanding sometimes, which can become poetry since you then have to carefully imagine its elements. Systematic-chaos or chaotic-both work for me. I am self contradicting in quest of knowledge .”

The artist received immense applause after an exhibition in Singapore - a major step ahead for the passionate painter in his promising artistic journey.  ‘Proverbial in(er)vention (2009)’ at the NUS Museum proved to be a major milestone in his career. The works that formed part of it revolved around a set of proverbs, as the title suggested. They formed interpretative traps for the viewer, and set them thinking.

Providing an insight into his oeuvre, independent writer-curator Abhijeet Gondkar had mentioned in an essay: “His work stems from a kind of visual synthesis, layered with scientific documentation, allegories, mythology, symbolism, documentary footages and history. Leading one to revert to narratival explanations as a way of grasping the status of the art work and its gestures as a socially symbolic act or illustrate a series of overlapping and over determined social constraints, reasons and responsibilities.”

Among his other selected shows are a solo at Crimson- The Art Resource, Bangalore (2010); ‘Refraction of ideas’, Artists Centre, Mumbai (2004); an exhibition at Crimson (2002); ‘Souvenirs from Journeys Within', Kala Academy, Panaji (2000); a show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (1999), and ‘Memoirs of the Unreal City and Findings through Journeys', Y.B. Chavan Art Gallery, Mumbai (1998).

His group exhibitions include ‘Future and Present’, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai (2005); ‘Indian contemporary art’, Chelsea Art College, U.K. (2005); ‘Ardhanareshwar’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai (2005). He has participated in Golden Jubilee Exhibition of Jehangir gallery (2002); 44th National Art Exhibition, (LKA), Ahmedabad (2001); 43rd National Art Exhibition, LKA, Bangalore (2001) and the 'Harmony Show' (2000-05).

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