Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finer aspects of selling works online at AstaGuru

If you've an authentic piece that you want to sell, AstaGuru can act as the perfect platform thanks to its team of experienced specialists and proven client service representatives who together will help you through the whole process that involves everything from evaluation to working out seller commission:

The first step is to arrange a consultation about your property. AstaGuru will study it to give you a proper valuation. It will respond to your auction estimate request within 4-6 weeks. The results coupled with in-house experts’ feedback will decide whether your property is appropriate for sale at auction. AstaGuru will also recommend an appropriate venue and possible sale timing.

If you decide to proceed further, you will be required to sign a contract. The property will be cataloged and photographed. The Art Transport or Shipping Department can help you arrange to have your property delivered to desired destinations, if necessary. Note that as the consignor, you are responsible for packing, shipping and insurance charges.

The seller contract covers two important issues that will affect your bottom line: the reserve price and AstaGuru's commissions. The former is the confidential minimum selling price to which a consignor (you) and AstaGuru agree before the sale- your property's 'floor' price, below which no bid will be accepted. If bidding on your item fails to reach the reserve, the auction house will not sell the piece and will advise you of your options. It is important to consider the reserve price in light of the fact that AstaGuru will assess fees and handling costs for unsold lots.

Sellers pay a commission deducted, along with any agreed-upon expenses, from the hammer price. Shortly after the sale, you will receive a listing of the final hammer price for each item you consigned. AstaGuru will send payment within 40 days from the day of the sale provided the auction house is in receipt of the buyer's payment.

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