Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More tips to acquire good art

To make it meaningful, the collection must be more than the sum of its parts. It is equally important to make your process foolproof with appropriate paperwork. A crucial factor is provenance. Displaying, preserving and insuring the works of art properly is vital to retain their long-term value. This again demands expertise and special skills.

As more people are keen to view and buy art on the Web, auction houses are looking to leverage the power and reach of the medium. Pushing beyond the physical space, exclusive online galleries are now exposing contemporary Indian art to a wider base of buyers - slowly but surely. Many private equity investors and market players see it as a logical step in an increasingly global world of art. Utilizing the power and transparency of online auctions is a vital constituent of your art collecting process.

Your art investment, like most other traditional or unconventional avenues, should be preferably routed through experts. They possess the expertise and infrastructure to know the market conditions better. No good collection can be envisaged without an experienced dealer or gallerist, who will recommend you artists with quality works that should form part of your portfolio. They do the necessary research and pick up works by talented artists to invest in, according to your tastes and budget.

Last but not the least, enjoy the process of choosing, researching, buying and collecting art. Do so for sheer love of it! Look to acquire those works you would love holding on to and would continue to enjoy. Don’t just buy only from the point of view of how much it will appreciate in value. Treat your collection as a priceless treasure for generations to come. Thus you will be able to draw the maximum fulfillment and satisfaction out of it. This will also help you derive good returns over time.

Genuine love for art is the most vital ingredient in your conscious effort to become a successful and satisfied collector.

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