Monday, May 13, 2013

Immaculate valuation process that AstaGuru follows

The Name of one of India’s premier houses, AstaGuru, is attributed to an Italian term ASTA that means Auction. The renowned online auction house was set up by Mr Vickram Sethi in 2008 with an aim of connecting people from across the world to the Indian art marketplace.

It includes professionals, experts and consultants to bring together rare and exciting works for its aware collectors. Some of the successful past auctions it has held include February 2013 - Modern & Contemporary Art; July 2012 -     Modern Indian Art; September 2011 - Modern & Contemporary Indian Art; March 2011 - Modern & Contemporary Indian Art; August 2010 - Modern Indian Art; May 2009 - Modern & Contemporary Indian Art; August 2008 - Modern & Contemporary Indian Art; and Feb 2008 -Contemporary Indian Art.

As the website mentions, numerous criteria like an artwork’s historical significance, its rarity and physical condition need to be assessed carefully before assigning the piece with its true value. Only upon a thorough and meticulous analysis of all these criteria, the auction house will provide the esteemed client with an accurate estimated value.

The valuation process involves detailed study of pricing history for the artist, price comparison with other works of the artist from similar periods, the same with works by other contemporary artists, research on historical significance of the work, previous auction price references, and current value estimation. If required, Liquidity rating & analysis; Rarity & availability analysis; and Investment rationale is underlined.

For the valuation purpose, a digital image; complete description (artist's name, date, medium, measurements); Provenance; and Exhibition and publication history are needed. The auction house fees are not related to the value of the collection. It is willing to give estimates sans obligation before beginning a valuation. Importantly, client confidentiality is maintained. AstaGuru works with insurers, banks and reputed law firms that greatly value client privacy and rely on the former to preserve the same.
Asta Guru
FGP Centre, Commercial Union House,
3rd Floor, 9, Wallace Street,
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001,

Tel: 91 - 22 - 2204 8138 / 39
Fax: 91 - 22 - 2204 8140

Director : Tushar Sethi

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