Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New forms of urban Indian pop culture

W+K Exp’s recent exhibition ‘Big Niche’ featured some of the best examples of this new movement. These exhibits, as an accompanying note mentioned, are a sign of life, an indicator that new ideas are not just taking root, but flourishing. More importantly, they are proof of a brand new Indian sensibility - far removed from the kitschy, Bollywood-flavored clichés that we are accustomed to.

It added: “While marketers and the media scan the horizon for new trends, an exciting new wave of Indian popular culture has surfaced, undetected by research. Music, art, design, food and brands that were considered offbeat, niche or 'too evolved' have suddenly become mainstream. These commercial and/or cultural ventures are transforming our drab, chaotic streets into experiences that are beautiful, meaningful, and most importantly, accessible.” Among the featured artists and groups were Bharat Sikka,Thukral and Tagra, Little Shilpa, Hanif Kureshi, Reshidev RK, Play Clan, IndiGo, Royal Enfield, Motherland, Manta Ray, Extension Khirkee, and Grandmother Design.

W+K Exp's aim is to make art accessible to everyone, whether you're a veteran collector looking for an original or someone who's simply looking for a print to put on your wall – or even if you're just there for the experience. We believe that art shouldn't have to be 'arty' and that culture is not something to be put on a pedestal and worshipped. So our endeavor is to create an experience for you that's shaped by this belief - stripped of jargon and overloaded price tags, to be enjoyed on your own terms.

Established in 2007, W+K Delhi's client list includes top brands' from India's fastest-growing market categories. Wieden+Kennedy, founded in Portland, Oregon, is one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies, with offices in Amsterdam, Delhi, London, New York, Portland, Shanghai and Tokyo. A creatively-led communications company, it has helped build some of the strongest brands, including Nike, ESPN, Starbucks, Target, Honda, Electronic Arts, P&G and Coca-Cola.

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