Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sculptures by G Reghu

Bangalore’s Gallery Sumukha is hosting a solo show of sculptures by highly talented artist G Reghu.

His language and aesthetic has been molded by two significant encounters: his early contract with Elizabeth and Laurie Baker with their Gandhian philosophy of working with indigenous materials and J. Swaminathan at the Bharat Bhavan who, in his persona of a 'tribal' artist, voiced the cause of the dispossessed. Reghu, like most image-makers, was initially a potter.

Born in 1959 in Kilimanoor, Kerala, G. Reghu studied art (sculpture) in the College of Fine Arts in Thiruvanananthapuram. He began with stone as a medium.  He later abandoned the practical functions of pottery and turned to the ceramic tradition of sculpture. This journey in form from "the pot to the head" is marked by certain fluidity.

The surface of Reghu's work in its muted organic earth colors has a matte finish. The work is shaped by an artist who is intimate with the tactile processes of using his hands: patting mud walls, throwing the clay on the potter's wheel: or even dexterously kneading dough and handling food.

The medium and method reflect familiarity with a rural lifestyle. Using the processes of hollow-modeling, slabbing, folding, coiling and pinching, Reghu creates a racial type that mingles Dravidian and African facial features - bulging eyes, thick lips, cabbage ears - evocative of an ancient civilization and its wisdom. His 'head' exude both warmth and an innocence which are typical of his work.

He has participated in many exhibitions such as National Exhibition in New Delhi; Contemporary Indian Art Biennial at Bharat Bhavan; ‘To Encounter Others’, “Stoffwechsel, Kassel, Germany; ‘For Contemporary Art’, Sans Tache Gallery, Mumbai; International Biennial Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt; and CAN, India Habitat Centre, Delhi.  The artist has received the Award of Fourth Contemporary Indian Art Biennial at Bharat Bhavan and also the Bombay Art Society Award in Mumbai.

The solo exhibition of his works continues till 13th July, 2013.

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