Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Aditya Pande’s solo show at Artemons Contemporary, Austria

Apart from ‘L'exigence de la saudade’ at Paris-based Kadist Art Foundation and ‘The Rising Phoenix: A Dialogue Between Modern & Contemporary Indian Art’ show proposed at The Queens Museum of Art, another India-oriented showcase that is drawing international attention is Aditya Pande’s solo show at Artemons Contemporary, Austria

A series of intricate works by talented artists woven around specific themes are indeed gripping. They exude controlled spontaneity, elegantly grotesque, intricately ordered anarchy and digital primitivism. They balance every movement within the complex composition with its opposite, combining the skills of printmaking and drawing with the surfaces of painting as well as photography.

His digital, mixed-media collages invariably dazzle us with their energetic explosion of colors and their intricacy of lines. The graphic designs are physically altered after printing to create a surface that blurs between two dimensions and three. He economically creates the impression of deep recesses with sparing collage elements. Only after a closer, one can decipher which elements lie flat and those coming off the surface.

Born in Lucknow in 1976, he received a degree in Graphic Design at the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad in 2001. Among his other recent exhibitions are 'Half-Life', Chatterjee and Lal, Mumbai (2012) and  'Happy Birthday', Nature Morte, Gurgaon (2011) apart from group exhibitions and fairs like 'Panoplism', Nature Morte, Delhi (2013); 'WAR ZONE: Indian Contemporary Art', Artemons Contemporary, Das Kunstmuseum, Austria (2012); and  'The Phenomenal World', Otto Zoo, Geneva (2012).

A curatorial essay reveals: “Aditya Pande's work mixes computer graphics with painting, drawing and collage, blurring the lines between techniques and imagery. Scribbled animals are rendered in a high-tech computer language and juxtaposed against buoyant forms and colors. Also a partner in Tota Design, which specializes in product and graphic design, his painterly works owe freshness to his unorthodox approach and frame of references.”

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