Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Majestic horses depicted in a new hue

Mumbai-based Gallery Art & Soul presents a new series of works, entitled Ashva Shri Guru’, by emerging artist Nayanjeet Nikam.

A press release elaborates: “Since times gone by, the horse has been an admired topic of focus in ancestral Asian Art. Time and again horses are held as a figure of vigour, supremacy and momentum. The horse was and is graciously deemed and believed to stand for the advancement and accomplishments of the populace. Nayanjeet does not simply epitomize the horse with this impression but the animal distinctly represents a novel class of imaginative modernism.”

Horses possess a strong bearing on him from the very beginning and have trained his artistic thoughts. He explains: “They commit to memory, people and the events of the past by heart, and have no anxiety of the future; they simply survive in constant awareness and have amazing instinct. I had to toil hard and face challenges to be in the present moment—Horses gave birth to my approach of unbreakable faith in my style of painting and has influenced my technique considerably.”

His impressive ride originated with pensiveness while studying at the Sir J. J. School of Fine Arts. He began a deliberate insertion of human figures in his work of art. 

The evenly done soft flat assent of colors is diversified by unequal feel of surface. The gurgle or spherical form of surface in his style of technique is colored in relief. Also evident at times are intensely brilliant, solid colors aligned with the monochromatic characteristics of human figures and flora and fauna.  He portrays the spirit of the populace, settings and expresses a story with an anthology of distinct illustrations rather than merely reconstructing on canvas, figures captured by the lenses. 

Nayanjeet recalls the chronicle with fond remembrance - In his early 20′s residing within Amravati, he would stop at the farms and sketch the horses as they gnawed in luxuriant blossoming grassy slopes of hilly pastures bounded by soaring flora. In all of his paintings one will unearth shades of yellow as it bears resemblance with the hue of the sun in Indian Culture. Relating to moods and attracting the energy through the environment.

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