Friday, June 14, 2013

History and background of a world-renowned art fair

The prestigious Venice Biennale, one of the most keenly awaited events on international art circuit, became a reality following a resolution in April 1893 by the City Council that proposed the founding of a ‘biennial national artistic exhibit’ for celebrating the occasion of silver anniversary of King Umberto and Margherita of Savoy.

The actual event took place two years later. The pavilion, which was to host the inaugural exhibit, was built in the public gardens in Castello. Now, the 55th International Art Exhibition has commenced in the beautiful city and will continue until November 24th at the Giardini and at the Arsenale, as well as in various vivacious venues across it. Curator Massimiliano Gioni has chosen ‘Il Palazzo Enciclopedico/The Encyclopedic Palace’ as the title.

Massimiliano Gioni was the one who introduced the choice of theme evoking Italian-American Marino Auriti, known to have filed a design in 1955 with the US Patent office that depicted his The Encyclopedic Palace (Palazzo Enciclopedico), an imaginary museum meant to house worldly knowledge, collating the some of the greatest discoveries though the plan was never actually carried out. However, the dream of all-embracing knowledge continues to crop up throughout human history, as one that Auriti shares with many other like-minded writers, scientists, prophets and artists, trying to fashion a realm that will capture its richness and variety.

The Biennale of Art & Architecture since 1998 are no more treated as mere showcases organized by national pavilions. Rather they are formulated around two primary motives: the exhibition by national pavilions by their own curators and projects, alongside the curated International Exhibition. To fulfill the strategic needs set by its attainment, the organized enlarged viewing spaces by further restoring the Arsenale. The idea is to give rise to a plurality of artistic voices, generating a new and interesting narration.

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