Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to build and manage your art collection?

Following your investment in art is often trickier than tracking stocks and booking profit or loss from them. The former is definitely not as simplistic as putting your money in a bank deposit, which is a more conventional avenue of parking your money. The debt instruments are comparatively easier to handle largely because of their tradable nature and greater flow of liquidity. Also, stocks, funds and commodities receive greater coverage and analyst attention. Of course, things are certainly changing...

Contemporary Indian art has emerged as a reliable and attractive investment option in the recent years. The problem is lack of awareness about this alternate asset class and its immense potential. There are still not as many specialists and analysts to guide people when it comes to investing in art. It demands expertise to manage your collection. For example, you must pay attention to the necessary paperwork. Here are the papers you must check while buying or selling art:

A solid and acceptable proof of authenticity approved by experts is one of the most important documents. It is both simple and tricky when it comes to confirming a valid proof of authenticity. Let me explain. For artists, who sign and date their respective works, an easy chronology is available to trace. You can get to see similar works for purpose of comparison (pictures of them, at least). The concern is largely with the artists who have passed away, leaving behind unsigned works now up for grabs.

In such a scenario, the decision of spending a substantial sum hinges on proper authentication process. The authentication can be done by established collectors informally, or by gallerists/auctioneers formally. Those who have dealt for long with the late artist, the artist’s family or the artist’s estate can provide valuable clues. Of course, even they might get it wrong.

There is always a possibility that they might end up authenticating a fake work. So you should crosscheck the different available references and resources to be assured of the authenticity of older paintings. It is advisable to ensure authenticity even while buying the works of contemporary artists.

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