Monday, June 10, 2013

More of India's prominent female artists

Schandra Singh: Her paintings transport us to a purgatorial space of curiously contrived paradise. What might outwardly seem like an innocuous theme turns out to be one loaded with extreme tension and visual dynamism, as the artist captures complex shades of modern life. She mostly works in the medium of oil and gouache, touches upon shared social and political realities.

Meetali Singh: According to the artist, she treads a fine territory between real-life emotions and sheer imagination. Hence the images are surreal, dreamy in nature; it’s like capturing swings of the pendulum. Painting to her is a quest and a process to answer self-posed queries.

Heeral Trivedi: Looking at history and connecting past histories with present, the artist looks to draw parallels among women in different eras. The idea is establish a strong connection in their shifting emotional realm.

Chitra Ganesh: While firmly rooted in a Western, postmodern discourse, the artist’s cultural references let her convey the principle of a multiplicity as a spirit, which draws together, and not breaks apart. In her comic book like sequences of digital prints, she includes snippets of text, successfully marrying with the post-modern in a truly unique aesthetic.

Parvathi Nayar: Her practice largely revolves around drawing and painting; conceptually it is rooted in ideas of narrative, at different ways of looking, perceiving and the privileging of sight. She explores ideas of the daily narrative of our lives in this world through fragmentary, familiar and unfamiliar perspectives – with a keen attention to technique in the eventual resolution of the work, so that the subject of a work is both its content and manner in which it’s portrayed.

Suhasini Kejriwal: At first casual glance, her beautiful works -tend to camouflage the more disturbing view one begins to notice after further analyzing it. Startling juxtapositions and unconscious associations, which transcend habitual thinking to reveal deeper alternate levels of meaning, emerge.

Sonia Mehra Chawla: The mixed media artist has developed a style uniquely her own combining print making techniques, photographic references and painting using acrylic paints, oils and inks. Her work encapsulates and inculcates the ever-fluid essence of the organic. The ambiguous, hybrid forms often suggest the generative and the sensuous.

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