Monday, June 3, 2013

Bringing the best out of creative minds amidst serene settings

The RPG Art Camp at Marve, Mumbai is hosted by Arts Trust’s Vickram Sethi and Harsh Goenka of The RPG Enterprises. Spelling out the purpose, the art aficionado had quipped in an interview: “The cross-section of artists is so different that I simply can’t wait to see the results. Personally, I am interested to see the self-portraits done by them. Artists like Ela Menon have stayed here many times and it’s a completely new side of theirs that’s revealed every year with these works of art”

The art-loving industrialist quips that setting of the beautiful bungalow by seaside acts as a perfect backdrop for creative minds. It lets them leave their imagination unfettered. He mentions that there’s a fine balance between art and recreation. According to him, the camp is an eclectic exchange of music, food and relaxation by the sea. "We’ve made arrangements for painting as well as the sharing of knowledge and skills between the resident artists,” he reveals.

In essence, RPG Art Camp is an informal art gathering that brings together some of the most prominent names on the contemporary art scene. No surprise, the art world always looks forward to the art camp each year. The event culminates in a beautiful brunch by the serene sea where art-loving people mingle with the artists and appreciate their work.

The artists, who come together for the camp, are from different backgrounds. They thus get to know each other through these events. It’s indeed a great mix of talented artists, comprising veterans and upcoming names. Paresh Maity Anjolie Ela Menon, and Bangladesh’s Shahabudin to some of the most promising and talented names including SN Sujith, Purnna Behera and Avishek Sen. The idea is to provide them all with an alternative space away from the confines of their studio.

A majority of them attend these informal meets, so to say, with an idea of imbibing new experiences. With no boundaries of set norms, time lines or themes at the artist commune, the work produced is spontaneous. The camp is like a platform for India's fresh talent to engage with the seniors, mingle with the very best in the field of art, get some insights and learn a few things from them.All this happens informally even as each participant creates his or her own masterpiece for a group show on concluding day of the event.

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