Monday, June 10, 2013

Leading female artists of the country

Navjot Altaf: Known for her multimedia work, largely interactive sculpture, photo and video based installations, she tackles varied themes of gender/memory/ history and loss. Interactive and collaborative in nature, her oeuvre comprises community-based art projects set in Indian villages and socio-economically marginalized areas.

Nalini Malani: Using texts that have been essentially generated through the memories of people often ignored or marginalized in the cataloguing of history, her art practice focuses on the universal and human aspects of conflict. Her artistic world, largely constituted by visible overlays, is fluid with everything in a constant state of metamorphosis.

Jayashree Chakravarty: For this sensitive artist, painting is a process and means of making sense of the chaos around her. It’s a form of meditation – a journey back to the self. “The way I relate to and identify with string of thoughts before I put them on canvas, and then the laborious execution, are all part of a complex chain,” she elaborates.

Mithu Sen: Known for unconventional themes and forms, she represents the new wave of talent in contemporary Indian art. She puts to use a wide range of media, such as sculptural projects, drawing, collage, objects, video works, and installation. Her drawings often extend into installation and other mediums in order to explore the elision of audio- visual experiences. Viewers are compelled to relate to her works at a personal level, through self-analysis of their own identity. The artist wants them to question prevailing societal values.

Anita Dube: She brings together experiences of mortality, desire, pain and pleasure –all rolled in one. Her aesthetic language incorporates ubiquitous objects, everyday materials and images that together resonate with a meaning far beyond perceived local and prosaic associations. Employing a variety of found objects drawn from a wide array of domains and sources, she shares her concerns.

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