Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Passion for art defines India’s premier collectors

A celebrity couple that cherishes a classy art collection is Parvez and Roshni Damania. It comprises superb paintings by MF Husain, Satish Gujral and Bose Krishnamachari, among others. The two have acquired other big names, such as FN Souza, Ram Kumar, Paritosh Sen, Sakti Burman, Jogen Choudhury etc over time.

The emphasis is invariably on acquiring unusual works like a rare painting by Ram Kumar and a FN Souza landscape. The underlying thought is to buy only those works that are pleasing to the eye and intellect. These are the pieces of art the two would want to grow with. In essence, they must be worth the price from their perspective!

While Parvez Damania makes most purchase decisions, the responsibility of their maintenance lies with Roshni. According to her, the focus now has shifted slightly to upcoming and talented artists. She has stated, suggesting they are keen to promote the younger artists: “Every art collector, I guess, happens to pass through different phases. Parvez is probably beyond the phase when he was keen to acquire top names.”

Rajshree Pathy is one of India’s distinguished collectors. Belonging to one of India’s leading industrial and philanthropist families, the PSG group, she has simultaneously cultivated her love for art. Her comprehensive collection has distinguished names, such as SH Raza, Rameshwar Broota, FN Souza, and Chintan Upadhyay in its fold. Summing up her journey, she has stated: “Art is not something that I've to keep under lock & key. It’s indeed rewarding intellectually, emotionally and financially.”

And what prompts her to buy? ”It’s something that talks to my heart. Of course, it’s good knowing that a choice I made has gone up in value.” Though Rajshree Pathy is averse to selling any of her pieces, she underlines its importance as an investment-worthy asset. According to her, the price of good art will never fall, and investing one-fourth of one’s income makes sense.

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