Friday, June 28, 2013

Art Alive involves artists in the process of art creation

Art evolves and so do artists! Gallery Art Alive in Gurgaon, in its endeavor to encourage the continuous process of evolution and endeavor so as to create a platform where artists can enrich their experiences to share with their audiences, presents ‘Living Walls’.

It’s an art project where a group of artists engage in painting the walls of the gallery. Art lovers come and not only see but experience the evolving of an installation where the gallery becomes the site of a unique installation.  The core idea of the collaborative exercise is to enlarge the artists’ canvas and in doing so, involve the audience who would be witnessing the process of work and thus broaden their own experience of art.

An accompanying note elaborates: “The artistic dialogue is sure to inspire one another.  It would create a collective platform to appreciate a new approach towards art. It would connect artists with different communities of the society to stimulate their senses and enhance a new experience towards their approaches. It would also inspire audiences to understand the potential of such collaborative energy to create work of different dimensions in public space. The entire process of work would be recorded and later produced in different formats to be displayed by the gallery.”

Sunaina Anand, director of the gallery states: “This would be a dynamic live display of art which would showcase diverse selection of works. And the participation of live audience would only add to the dimension of the show. We are keen on exploring the culmination of such creative energies.”

Each artist will draw upon their own artistic imagination and use their idioms, styles, languages and ideas to create that visual impact. We believe, it is in the coming together of different voices that ultimately mergers into a rhythmic one, that we could create something experimental and fresh for our audience.

The participating artists follow the dictates of his or her heart making it somewhat challenging yet exciting as they get accustomed to working under the glare of live audiences comprising of media, critics and art lovers who would watch, interact and dialogue with the masters at work.

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