Thursday, July 25, 2013

Borders, exchange, displacement and relationships

The works that form part of a new group show at the Mumbai-based Guild Gallery serve as homage to the resonating hollow cry traversing politics, going beyond countries, continents; across borders and over wires into freedom, peace and harmony to floss homes, families, oceans, fields, land and skies. Here’s what an accompanying essay mention of the art and artists on view:
  • Promotesh Das Pulak (b.1980) completed his BFA and MFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. He is a member of the Britto Arts trust and has exhibited his work in several shows in Dhaka as well as internationally. Pulak was also represented at the Bangladesh Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale; and has participated in several art workshops. Pulak lives and works in Dhaka.
  • ‘Borders, the name of politics’; by Molla Sagar is the story of Bijoy Sircar, a well-known bard of Bengal, who was unable to let go of his affinity towards his land and people. In 1947 – post partitions – he decided to stay behind in East Bengal, which later came to be known as Bangladesh. “The relationship of the soul that exists between each of us, was deepened by his songs. Ten million people took shelter in our neighbouring India in 1971.
  • However, the expectation this man had from Bangladesh post 1971 independence, his notion of this nation, was estranged after 1974. Bijoy Sarkar had to leave this country. While leaving his motherland, he sung on. In the song, is captured the emptiness felt by all the people of this world, leaving their home lands for the unknown.” Sagar recreates this in his video through a performance of Bijoy Sircar’s ‘Bichchhedi Gaan’ (Songs of Estrangement), which was a plea to remove from our minds and souls the fencing wires of laws and borders.
  • Molla Sagar (b. 1975), an artist and documentary film maker and cinematographer, who works with the mediums of video, photography and new-media. He has exhibited his works in solo and group shows internationally and his films have been screened at several international festivals and exhibitions. Molla Sagar currently lives and works in Dhaka.

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