Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some of internationally renowned artists from India

Sunil Gawde: The artist proficiently fuses his immense artistic sensibility and creativity with fine design and craft skills. His tools often include sophisticated paint materials and implements like trowels and scrapers for achieving a layered depth in his pigments. This results in textured surfaces - dynamic and dramatic in nature.

D Ebenezer Sunder Singh: The paintings of Paul Cézanne and his principles of Art influenced me immensely. From his work principles, the artist reveals to have understood the traditional Indian painting methods. His recent paintings revolve around Humanistic principles. The human figures (the central element of his pictures) shift time and space to locate the psychological characteristics and the principles of life.

Alwar Balasubramaniam: His artistic agenda is to reveal the omnipresent, albeit invisible, the essential yet overlooked, or the strong yet unnoticed. It unravels not only the immediate world but also one within us.

He lets us transgress the boundaries between elements, as they seamlessly connect and then converge, as if questioning the submissiveness of our own consciousness to them and their foundation, in the process. For more than a decade, he has assiduously kept challenging our notions; also pushing our pre-set limits of understanding and perception of material as well as experience of space.

Owais Husain: He is taking the legacy of his father, late MF Husain, ahead by walking into his footsteps and carving a niche for himself as a multimedia artist of immense talent and skill, Having identity as the maestro's son has been a matter of pride, on one hand, and a burden of expectations to carry, on other hand; the proud son has done so with élan. Mostly figurative, his work dwells on those transfixed moments between ubiquitous people and peculiar situations.

Prajjwal Choudhury: Its everyday matchboxes that he imprints with intriguing images of the works of several world-renowned artists, collated into a captivating collage. He touches upon the theme of a capitalist society driven by a consumerist attitude. It seems as if he is protesting the way we deploy and easily discard everyday objects.

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