Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to select the artist and piece of work you wish to acquire?

When investing in art, certain basic facts need to be kept in mind. While acquiring art as an asset, one has to have a long term investment perspective. Remember, established artists have sustainable value. On the other hand, younger artists have higher risk/higher return.

Here is a brief explanation on the process of selecting the artist and piece of work you want to buy:
  • Research regarding an artist, established or upcoming, gives definite clues to the intrinsic value of his or her work. It involves a thorough documentation of aspects such as the artist's age academic qualifications; awards, citations, scholarships received; participation in national international shows and workshops; subject matter of the work; ability to explain it and, of course, the thought processes, technique and style of work.
  • Factors like buyers’ list, critics’ perception of the artist and association with prominent art galleries also need to be considered.
  • There are several other critical aspects that need to be weighed before investing in art such as analyzing art market movements and trends and keeping a close eye on acquisitions made by distinguished art buyers and collectors.
  • It makes sense to approach experienced art advisors to understand the intricacies of the art market. They obviously are better placed to carry out a detailed research and review of recent auction results. Expert inputs are indeed crucial from the point of view of understanding artistic significance and market potential of a particular piece.
  • Of course, you may conduct your own study of the art market. This is not difficult since information about individual artists and broader art market trends is now easily available online.

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