Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grasp the link between art, markets and money

An exponential growth of emerging market millionaires is tilting the scale of global art market in favor of the sub-continent. Another angle to the rising interest in contemporary art can also be treated as an outcome of search by anxious investors for a wide array of alternative assets in order to diversify their investment portfolio and also satiate their urge for the classier and aesthetic things in life.

More than money what also matters to them is their willingness to be more open and flexible when it comes to imbibe new trends in the realm of contemporary art than their previous-generation counterparts, a touch conservative in their approach. For them, there is no better time to buy art than NOW. Whether they are keen to hold on to their portfolio for longer periods of time is a matter of conjecture.

Critics and curators have already emphasized the need to ‘educate the influential & wealthy’ entering the domain of art. It will just take a little bit of prodding in the right direction and a proper guidance so that buyers give as much importance to enjoying the process of buying art instead of simply thinking of the artists’ market potential in view of the ideas, traditions and philosophies that drive today’s artists to decipher India’s complex social and cultural landscape.

The key to build a quality portfolio is to invest in artists you can identify with in terms of style and form, theme and content. There are always good deals that can be struck in the range of Rs 2-10 lakh. The process of orientation and knowledge gathering is vital to building an aware investor-collector class who understands how to view and appreciate works so as to grasp their intrinsic aesthetic and thematic values.

Try and get a clear overview of the art scene and its social implications before you go ahead and buy art. Grasp the subtle relationship between art, markets and money. This will allow you to experience the true value and inner joy art can bring.

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