Sunday, July 14, 2013

An artist who strives to explore human mind

In this blog post, we take a look at Rahul Chowdhury, a highly talented artist, who has been featured at the Art Expo India as well as several significant shows and auctions by ICIA and The Asta Guru:
  • The talented artist delves into human psyche, invariably caught in a state of flux, swinging between reality and illusion, trapped between outer and inner world, and alternating between materialistic and spiritual leanings. He tries to portray the push and pull between real and abstract areas of mind and heart.
  • An endless conflict between the real and the dreamy realm that cuts deep into one’s psyche drives the artist. The encounters in his dream-world sometimes get superimposed on the real world or vice-versa! The resultant conflict remains at the core of his intriguing artistic process.
  • He explains, “In the dream world, there are no inhibitions whereas one is driven by logic and rules in the real world where the self is controlled and one’s desires are suppressed. The resultant disenchantment and chaos grip the two worlds. Their overlapping causes friction.”
  • Rahul Chaudhury, who studied art at the Delhi University, informs: “I have been painting from my school days. During my formative years as an artist, I was a keen observer of life around me. I used to stroll aimlessly at markets, railway stations, monuments, parks etc. just to feel the ambience, and to depict it.” Even though the artist remains curious about socio-political events around, he has become more receptive and sensitive to emotional and spiritual content of life.
  • Explaining the spiritual hue that is now evident in his work, he adds, “The physicality or the anatomical structure of human, animal, plant and man made structure do not attract me much. The journey of my work is definitely in an inward direction. Now, I look to explore the inner recesses of human mind rather than understanding the materialistic world. It’s a perennial search that has just begun...”

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