Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A spotlight on Musée d’Art Contemporain

Situated within Cité Internationale of Lyon, by the Rhone banks and just near the pa rk Tete d’Or, the Musée d’Art Contemporain is right at the heart of a pleasant and scenic area. The production of artworks in direct collaboration with the artist has become a part of its collection.

This has also given a chance to artists for experimenting with form, dimension and idea, and for creating work in sync with the space itself. The museum space could be modified, in order to meet the demands of the artists using it as well as the diverse curatorial ventures.

The Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon has maintained a unique relationship between its eclectic collection and rich exhibition. The relationship has further been strengthened because of meaningful productions, timely acquisitions, donations and deposits of works. Between 1984-92, the art collection gained from financing from the city of Lyon and also from the Government of France. Since 1996, the activities have been funded largely by the city of Lyon as well as the Fonds Régional d’Acquisition pour les Musées. The collection now boasts over 1100 art works.

In 2011, it hosted a comprehensive show of contemporary Indian art, entitled 'Indian Highway IV'. In the curious form of a road movie spread across three continents (South America, Asia and Europe), each stage along the massive and ambitious group show, entitled ‘Indian Highway’, was the platform for a totally new art episode. After London, Herning and Oslo, Lyon staged the 4th episode; it offered a panorama of contemporary Indian art through some exquisite works by several talented artists. Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Gunnar B. Kvaran and Thierry Raspail were the show curators.

Among the participating artists were Bharti Kher, Bose Krishnamachari, Nikhil Chopra, Desire Machine Collective, Sarnath Banerjee, Subodh Gupta, N.S. Harsha, Jitish Kallat, Nalini Malani, Jagannath Panda, Prajakta Potnis, Raqs Media Collective, Sheela Gowda, Sakshi Gupta, Shilpa Gupta, Tejal Shah, Valay Shende, Sudarshan Shetty, Dayanita Singh, Sumakshi Singh, Kiran Subbaiah, Thukral & Tagra, and Hema Upadhyay among others.

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