Monday, July 22, 2013

Jayashree Chakravarty’s artistic realm

For the senior artist, painting is a process of making sense of the chaos around. It’s a form of meditation to her – a journey back to the self. She mulls over the images that give an expression to her thoughts before she weaves actually paints them on canvas.

Jayashree Chakravarty is fascinated by this intriguing journey that leads to a creation, filled with many unforeseen challenges, making her to launch an inquiry, an investigation. This mode of communication, introspection keeps her going.

She elaborates, “The way I relate to and identify with string of thoughts before I put them on canvas, and then the laborious execution, are all part of a complex chain. All my understanding and state of mind needs to reflect in my work; that’s the real challenge. A piece of art is an individual’s creation and once others relate to it, it becomes universal in nature.”

Recounting her development as an artist, the artist mentions that she used to scribble on notebooks during her school days. One of her schoolteachers in Tripura, who was a prolific painter, encouraged her to draw. She narrates: “Act of painting always interested me. Even my parents, especially my father was very supportive. Instead of thrusting on me his likes or dislikes, he let me tread my own path, and follow my own instincts.”

Her compositions have several layered images, uneven sheets of colors, and also black & white pats. As a painter, she reacts to lines, which for her is akin to a word or a stroke. According to her, they (the lines) are very meaningful; very vital, and lead her to a different thought process. Summing up her artistic philosophy, she adds: “The aesthetic elements matter to me more than mere reflection of moral or social issues."

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