Thursday, July 4, 2013

India’s internationally acclaimed artists - II

Here are some of India’s most prominent artists internationally:

Atul Dodiya: His diverse and dynamic art practice, socially and politically responsible in nature, has evolved to become increasingly complex, with the subjects of his address, and his references more specific.

His striking imagery has invariably been packed with a stirring swirl of motifs: Bollywood, film stars, political icons, Hindu mythology characters, and so on. His canvases allude to everything - from the eccentric everyday India to high art elements from all over. They embrace issues ranging from exuberant Indian economy to the garish kitsch and disturbing disquiet of daily life.

Subodh Gupta: Though he often dwells on domestic themes, Subodh Gupta has become an internationally renowned artist. A multi-faceted practitioner - a sculptor, installation-maker, video artist and painter -all rolled in one, he incorporates in his works everyday objects such as bicycles, thali pans, and milk pails, as well as the mass-produced steel boxes used to carry lunch. Employing such ordinary items he can produce scintillating sculptures that even while acknowledging the reach of contemporary art, reflect and resonate with his homeland’s economic transformation..

Bose Krishnamachari: As a creator, curator and practitioner of art in various forms and domains, he likes to challenge and defy conventional concepts of visual art practices to set his own norms. An established artist, art collector, curator, and a gallerist, he plays different creative roles with élan. He has further broadened and deepened his curatorial vision with the Mumbai-based Gallery BMB.

Jitish Kallat: Counted among the most exciting and talented contemporary artists not just in India, but also internationally, Jitish Kallat has received recognition for his dynamic work that reflects an involvement with Mumbai. His practice derives much of its visual language from the artist’s immediate milieu, tacking his core themes centered around survival, sustenance and mortality in the contemporary urban environ.

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