Saturday, July 16, 2011

Understanding the dynamics and mechanics of time

‘On The Sidereal’ is an interesting project arranged by Mumbai-based Guild Art Gallery. Curated by Prayas Abhinav, it is based on a premise that time is the material with which we can construct our waking experience.

What would we really make of it if the fountain of youth; eternity itself, suddenly lands up at the doorstep? Amidst things that surround us, we try to decipher meaning. And we exchange the time available on our hands with things we aspire for. Jung's Alchemist happened to seek a spiritual process within the world of material things. Things that rise above their very thingness to be nothing at the same time, were the desire and hope of many.

If that chase was to be cut short, what is it that we would replace it with? Time. Just empty time. Sheer void; a thing that falls into an infinite abyss… And for now, to stay with the curious process of knowing the abyss a bit better, we will term it ‘sidereal’. It sidesteps our knowing of multiple realities and universalities, in a way, but still forms a part of our existence and experience.

How do you then plug a void plugging a void?: R. D. Laing

What should we do after de-shackling time from its intrinsic commodity exchange value? Not many can bear naked time’s weight of. We seek to dullen, diffuse and fragment our awareness of it. Also, media creates a dreamy realm for our waking selves that placates us, offers us a sense of periodic piecemeal victory and look to keep us engaged, locking us in, and preventing our ‘sidereality’ to be brought to life.

Catharsis is achieved only from a liberal pollination of desires as well as use-values for our sidereal time lapse. Looking to camouflage a personal theatre on the inside with disengagement and boredom is a defensive tactic from the barrage of the tabloid newspaper and reality TV. It is obvious that the everyday & the mundane do hide a performance space of adventure, poetry and passion, in very private envelopes of time.

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