Friday, July 1, 2011

A cutting-edge Video & Animation Film Festival in Mumbai

The Mumbai based Guild Gallery presents a cutting-edge Video & Animation Film Festival in Mumbai.

Vidya Kamat and Pooja Iranna have been directing their energies towards articulating the liminal spaces of the city. While the latter takes architecture as a point of departure, the former looks at the anthropological and mythological implications of the women’s existence and identity as a focal point of her works. Their videos also have caught the attention of the art world.

While Iram Ghurfan, Aditi Chitre, Srinivas Bhakta and Samia Singh invest their energies purely in the creation of animation shorts and movies, and also attempt to cut the barriers that exist between the mainstream gallery oriented art practice and the commercial use of such talents in the field of advertisement and publicity, there are artists like Kavita Singh Kale who move between these two realms with equal verve by producing advertisements, animation movies, paintings and sculptural installations.

Gigi Scaria, one of the participants in the 54th Venice Biennale Indian Pavillion, presents a work, titled ‘the Elevator from the Subcontinent’. The artist is known for his paintings, sculptures, videos, digital works and carefully crafted sculptural installations that include video as a major component in them.

Neha Thakar plays with the idea of tangible & intangible; visible & invisible properties of the materials like Water, Ice, Smell, Gas & extra. The ice, which is the solid form of water, turns in to water and finally to its origin through the process of natural exhaustion.

Academically trained in painting and graphics art, K.M.Madhusudhanan is an internationally acclaimed film maker and the national award winner for the best film (Bioscope- 2009). His short films and videos are highly acclaimed all over the world and his works have been showcased in MoMA and most other major international film festivals.

Actor Naseeruddin Shah stares out of a single-shot video frame while a poem scrolls across –‘I have to conclude my lord…… that you tricked me to serve you…’ in Riyas Komu’s 13 minute video

The project, VAF@The Guild, is on view until 15th July, 2011.
(Information courtesy: The Guild, Mumbai)

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