Monday, July 4, 2011

A novel Artists Network to take Indian art on global path

The paintings in an interesting exhibition of Indian art that takes place in Jakarta’s National Gallery on behalf of the Indian Artists Network are all a curious mix of anything and everything.

Apart from religious and mythological works on view, also on display are slightly more earthly subjects that can be seen in K.M. Shenoy’s work. His drawings, entitled ‘Pity’ and ‘Portray’ deftly depict human figures and shades of emotions trapped in their own world. The skillful artist does so in what seems like a rushed style of sketching. At first glance, these pieces of art may look imprecise and rough. However, on deeper inspection, one realizes this very imperfectness of the style lends a character and energy to the works that are very much true to life.

The curator & the network founder, Ajit Vahadane, quips that the whole concept is to establish a direct link between the audience and talented artists whose works are on display. By showcasing Indian art in Indonesia, the Network hopes to nurture a closer relationship between the two countries and their blossoming contemporary art scenes.

As their website mentions, the Indian Artists Network for last several year has been striving to give exposure to Indian artists abroad. The non-profit organization is run by award winning, experienced, qualified and professional artists from India settled in the country or outside, in different part of the world.

The organizers have chosen and exhibited works of the various State award winners, National award winners, Gold medalists at college and institution levels as well as reputed art practitioners and teachers from across the world. It’s a professionally run body. Only full-time artists are involved in its operations.

The core aim of the Indian Artists Network is to showcase the best possible work of young and upcoming artists who need an exposure to establish themselves. It hosts shows of their works mostly in art venues outside India so as to take their art to the international audience. The venture is run with the support of genuine art lovers, sponsors and galleries and partly through artists’ contributions.

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