Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thought-provoking exhibits courtesy the Flag Art Foundation

Through painting, sculpture, photography and installation, One, Another explores coupling and interconnectedness in the realms of love, nature and spirituality. Historically one another is an abbreviation of the one the other and in that form was used only for two people. The clause one another reflects this reciprocal relationship and action between them. The separation of the two words by a comma emphasizes the distinction of a whole and its parts.

Emanating from the painting The Lovers completed in 1963 by Remedios Varo, the exhibition incorporates reoccurring motifs of mirrors, nature, cosmos and existential forces to investigate themes such as transformation, sexuality, love, narcissism and identity. Featured artists include Diana Al-Hadid, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Louise Bourgeois, Joseph Cornell, Tom Friedman, Robert Gober, Subodh Gupta, David Hammons, Jim Hodges, Cindy Sherman, Swoon, Rachel Whiteread, Remedios Varo, and Fabio Viale.

Another thought-provoking exhibition at the venue showcased works by Josephine Meckseper, who employs window displays, vitrines, installations, photographs, films and magazines to draw a direct correlation to the way consumer culture defines subjectivity and sublimates the key instruments of individual political agency. The artist presented new works focusing on retail environments and modernist concepts.

The Flag Art Foundation is an exhibition space for contemporary art at the Chelsea Arts Tower located in the heart of New York’s art district. The program includes 3 to 5 professionally-curated shows each year. Each consists of works by established and emerging international artists.

Their objective is to encourage the appreciation of contemporary art among a diverse audience. The venue provides a unique educational environment in which visitors can view, contemplate, and engage in active dialogue with the artworks. Curators select and borrow from a variety of sources to include a wide range of work in each exhibition. It also serves as a resource that facilitates loans of contemporary artworks to museums around the world. An extensive database of available works is maintained and made available to curators.

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