Friday, July 29, 2011

Rising popularity of hand-painted Bollywood memorabilia

If you ever wished to possess an accessory that reminds you of the biggest Bollywood blockbuster, Sholay, that can well become a reality. You can get a jazzy yellow hand-painted belt. Then there is or a Deewar t-shirt or the Mother India sling bag with some superb images painted on it.

You can now have those quirky ‘popular culture' fancy items for keepsake made specially by some of those very few original Bollywood poster painters. A dozen of them working for Indian Hippy. It’s a curious collective of the dying breed of poster & billboard artists from the Hindi movie industry. Mostly, Bollywood poster artists would get paid a fixed amount per sq ft of a banner. They were rendered jobless after the advent of digital printing in the nineties.

A majority of them had lost their source of livelihood, just performing some odd jobs at construction sites, and barely surviving. These days, they paint for peanuts for political rallies.
Now there is a ray of hope for them thanks to people like Hinesh Jethwani, the brain behind the collective that blends art, utility and nostalgia.

The bewildering hand-painted Bollywood memorabilia comes in different shapes and sizes. It can well be customized to suit your needs. There is no dearth of ideas ranging from wooden painted folding chairs to painted wallets, from captivating cushion covers to attractive tea kettles, from wonderful wall murals to customized, exquisitely hand-painted wedding billboards.

The painted billboards can act as a perfect backdrop for a family occasion. The objects can add a unique charm to your living room, for sure. On the other hand, Indigreen has on offer eclectic eco-friendly Hindi movie-based products and accessories. Bollywood poster artists design them.

The hand-painted merchandise has caught fancy of the Bollywood-crazy audiences especially the youths. The demand for such quirky accessories is fast growing. One reason could be their affordability. They are reasonably priced in the range of Rs 1000 to 5000 plus, depending on what you buy.

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