Saturday, July 30, 2011

A backgrounder to the 5th Prague Biennale

The proliferation of large-scale international recurrent exhibitions of contemporary art has been one of the most important recent transitions in the contemporary art world.

Intersecting new and existing networks, these exhibitions and the institutions that produce them have been responsible for considerably reshaping the contemporary art world over past twenty-five years. Over one hundred biennial organizations currently operate around the globe. They often share similar objectives, practices and considerations – from the curatorial and artistic strategies to political and economic agendas.

In this backdrop, The 5th Prague Biennale takes place in a new location, Mikrotechna Praha 4. With this new venue the significant event reconfirms its nomadic nature, remaining transgressive and ready to change its skin. Directed by Helena Kontova and Giancarlo Politi and curated by Nicola Trezzi, the event attempts once more to be a barometer of contemporary art of today by seeking new realities and emerging artists.

The main course of the 5th edition is again a large section devoted to painting titled ‘Expanded Painting’, seeking to propose a new season for international painting. The biennale presents unexpected visions from Canada, India and Scandinavia, original work from Italy and Germany, and extensive sections devoted to the Czech and Slovak Republics. As from the last edition, the Prague Biennale also features PHOTO.
The 2nd edition of PHOTO includes young and emerging photographers paired internationally with leaders from Central Europe.

The Biennale Foundation operates internationally as an independent organization providing a platform for contemporary biennial organizations and professionals within the biennial industry. It strive to establish contacts between biennial organizations and facilitates exchange of information, experiences and expertise within a GLOBAL NETWORK of partner organizations. The art body assists partner organizations to critically reflect upon their mission and to DEVELOP and implement the highest standards of practice.

The 5th Prague Biennale runs until September 11, 2011.

(Information courtesy: the 5th Prague Biennale website)

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