Tuesday, July 26, 2011

France celebrates Indian art and culture with a rich rendezvous

This year, France is celebrating Indian way of living, the country’s rich art and glorious culture by offering itself as a vast canvas for eclectic expressions of art & culture with a very distinct Indian flavor.

Until 19th September, France is fully engaging itself in a unique cultural exchange.
Paris and Lyon both have come alive with fabulous expressions of contemporary Indian art with three 3 separate events, namely Indian Highway VI at the Musée d'Art Contemporain in Lyon, Anish Kapoor at The Grand Palais, Paris and "Paris-Delhi-Bombay.

The first exhibition is a unique concept planned out as a road movie across 3 continents. After London, Oslo and Herning, it has moved to Lyon. Works by over 30 talented artists are on view. ‘Indian Highway’ undergoes a curious transformation with each episode, ending with the unusual unveiling of a "grand scheme". The fourth episode is on display at Lyon till the end of this month.

Simultaneously, The Grand Palais sports a nave engulfed by a vaulted glass, iron & light steel ceiling that for the past couple of years has been the site for ‘Monumenta’, an exhibit featuring a massive installation work by a single artist each year. After Anselm Kiefer, Christian Boltanski and Richard Serra, Monumenta 2011 hosts Anish Kapoor. The UK-based artist of Indian descent works his magic in the huge 13,500 sq m nave of the Grand Palais.

He has used a range of materials such as polished mirrors, fatty wax or powdered pigments and concrete for producing a memorable and thought-provoking works. Considering the depth and appeal of his past endeavors, and many of the illustrious artists that have hosted by Monumenta, this installation-sculpture is a breathtaking showcase of the world-renowned artist's skills.

Last but not the least, The Centre Pompidou in Paris hosts ‘Paris-Delhi-Bombay...’ that works like a study of Indian-French society through a simultaneous exposure to both Indian and French artists’ works.

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