Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reflections of restless mind nudge this artist

Known to be a passionate painter-printmaker, Meetali Singh blends the strengths of the respective mediums, often overlapping their finer aspects in her oeuvre. This reflects in the fact that her prints and paintings harbor basic similarities. In other words, her painting takes off at a point where the print ends and vice versa.

At a more fundamental level, she is more concerned with the meticulous treatment of space. In essence, first launched as an exploration to fathom this element, the process has resulted in gradual evolution of her creative processes and simultaneous affirmation of her artistic philosophy. The printmaking technique crops up in her paintings or it can be other way round as well.

In the process, she tries to free herself an artist from the earlier bounds of linearity present in her work, now evident in the immaculate treatment of her intriguing images and space. This medium allows her to achieve a certain amount of softness, which was not possible in the process of graphics. The versatile and prolific artist spontaneously paints what she visualizes at a given point of time; something that captivates her mind at that moment. She lets the canvas chart its own course, and her composition is seldom planned, logically arranged or sequentially defined.

When she starts conceptualizing it, there’s only a faint idea as what she is going to paint, though its germ has taken its root in her mind, developed at a sub-conscious level. She reveals, “An artist has no control over the start, the end or even the intermittent pauses. I let a painting take its own course, and opt not to direct or divert its flow. I am involved in it, but still feel detached from it.”

Portrayal of her emotions acquires a more mystical touch in her paintings that also gives shape to her desires in a surrealistic way, further enhanced by the lyrical feel of this medium, which she believes, ably accentuates the aspect of feminine concerns.

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