Saturday, April 13, 2013

What makes this young Indian artist stand apart?

His practice and pieces represent the dynamic contemporary currents and tendency that marks the thriving art scene of India, rightfully grabbing the worldwide attention. He has been devoting his creative power to an intense exploration of the developments and themes of tomorrow. The medium he has chosen to put across his point underlines his unconventional practice that can defy the set notions and boundaries, to surprise the viewer.

We are referring to Prajjwal Choudhury whose socially sensitive oeuvre is primarily marked by its harking back to a particular concern. He touches upon the theme of a capitalist society driven by a consumerist attitude. It seems as if he is protesting the way we deploy and easily discard everyday objects. His art moves beyond the confines of canvas or sculpture and rather attempts at framing within his aesthetic space, uncanny phrases and visual assortments of the byproducts of recycling.

For instance, his series ‘Drift’ at Project 88 in Mumbai (2008) had works, which were a mockery of the beauty that a consumerist attitude aspires for, in actuality. On the other hand, his work that formed part of 'Re-claim…' (Bose Pacia, Kolkata 2009; curator: Bhavna Kakar) tried to document artistic imaginations and representations of recycling. Its latent idea, as stated above, was to perceive the process as an all-pervasive phenomenon, encompassing nearly every aspect of modern life - right from our desktops to the writing pads and bottles.

His work is not only a visual delight but also a thought provoking experience. It makes for a sharp and subtle commentary. Though he is not necessarily judgmental or critical, his displeasure over the turn of things is something that he does not hide. The idea is to make the viewers pause and think on today’s undesirable pattern of recycling everything, including art. Apparently, he is trying to convey that the works being showcased today have already been displayed in one form or the other, earlier and would again be there to see for us with some changes.

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