Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mystique of a master artist’s painterly realm

His captivating canvases rediscover a lost paradise, where all curious creatures coexist harmoniously. The mythical creatures along with human characters and godly images evoke memories of ancient tempered frescoes.There is abundant beauty and joy inherent in his incandescent paintings that weave a phantasmagoria with contemporary tableaux where the reality mingles with imaginary realm...

Sakti Burman's compositions reverberate with fables and lyricism.Though he has lived in Paris for over five decades, the artist has remained in touch with the Indian culture, traditions, heritage and ethos. In essence, he has embraced two contrasting cultures and merged them to construct a unique vision — his enraptured gaze - through which he revisits his roots, his childhood memories and that transitory world of innocence…

Considered one of India’s internationally celebrated masters, his oeuvre imbibes influences of both Indian tradition and Western culture. He incorporates medieval icons and other mesmerizing motifs, to cultivate dream-like scenarios through a marbling effect that entails blending of oil and acrylic paint. His paintings - rich in detailed and soaked in bold, bright hues - exude romanticism and fantasy.

They narrate timeless tales of courtly romances, and bring to life an enchanting world, comprising comely maidens, flutists, birds, beasts, fruit laden trees and exotic flowers. Since 1954, he has had 40 one-man exhibitions in various cities worldwide, including 'Archetype', Aicon Gallery, London (2009); 'Encaptured Gaze' in New York, Mumbai and New Delhi (2008-09).

The prominent group exhibitions in which work has recently been featured are 'Aureus 2011', Gallerie Nvya, Delhi (2011); '10 x 10', Gallery Threshold, Delhi; 'Dali's Elephant', Aicon, London; 'The Living Insignia', Gallery Ensign, Delhi and 'Modern Folk’, Aicon, New York (all in 2010). He has participated in Paris Biennales (1963, 1965 and ’67) apart from presenting his work in leading museums in France. Incidentally, his wife Maite Delteil is a noted French artist. His daughter Maya Burman and niece Jayasri Burman (who is married to Paresh Maity) have carved a niche for themselves in the world of art.

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