Thursday, April 4, 2013

Choreographic fictions by Nicole and Norbert Corsino

Bangalore Fictions employs skilled digital innovation and deft artistic creation for presenting the viewer with a poetic and playful journey that combines technology and dance. Invited by museums as well as dance & photography festivals across the world, n+n Corsino creations have been immensely successful.

‘Bangalore Fictions’, their interactive choreographic navigation, has been created in India and France. Based on the principle of a graphic novel, texts and images meld together in a narrative process and construct an imagination of body movements. A series of twelve fictions becomes the base of the choreographic pattern presented at GALLERYSKE, Bangalore.

New representational spaces
The two have expanded dance’s traditional territories by moving away from the stage towards new representational spaces. Their choreographic fictions are presented in the form of films and installations, sans the real presence of dancers. Each of these installations is the result of a choreographed sequence, danced live and filmed from all angles. These non-conventional composers of choreographic fictions lead us into a lighter world, almost aquatic, where the spectator can interact with certain works and dance while caressing images in movement on a touch screen.

Artistic and technology exchange
Nicole and Norbert Corsino were keen to work on a new creation based on artistic and technology exchange with Indian partners. Their project took shape thanks to several talented and open-minded practitioners whom they met in Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Delhi. Part of the Bangalore Fictions project, the well known author Anjum Hasan stated: I contributed 12 poems in prose for Bangalore Fictions, each text connected to a particular, ordinary, everyday experience of Bangalore.

"This could be the languages one hears in the city, the feel of a railway station at night, the people one sees in a mall, the way an outsider to Bangalore might negotiate it, the different ways old-timers remember the city, and so on. At the same time, these texts are philosophical reflections on the very idea of a city and what it might mean to live in one.”

Bangalore fictions will also be released as an iPad application in April 2013.

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