Tuesday, April 30, 2013

‘Born from The Terrain’ at Latitude 28

New-Delhi based Latitude 28 hosts a debut solo by Sarika Mehta, an artist from Ahmedabad. Its title, ‘Born from The Terrain’, according to her tends to allude to the curious reality that ‘something, which can grow in a barren desert, cannot or will not grow in a forest. In her work, for example, what she is showing as landscapes doesn’t bear any name. Born from the terrain, it’s surreal in nature. It’s her first expression, and nature is also born out of the terrain. 

Born to a known architect-businessman father, she did her Diploma first from C.N.College of Fine arts (Painting) in 2000, and worked at Kanoria Centre for Arts’s studio space. She completed her post diploma (printmaking) from M.S.University, Baroda, in 2004, and began working at Priyasri Art studio while in Baroda. She moved to Ahmedabad after marriage.

Her debut solo, ‘Pulled out from the roots’ was held at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai in 2008, serving as a major break for the artist, who consequently took part in an artist residency program (printmaking) at New York’s Jean-Yves Noblet Contemporary Prints Studio. Another of her series ‘A Fragile Storm’ at Lemongrasshopper in Ahmedabad and in M.S.University, Baroda in 2009 Jean-Yves Noblet Contemporary Prints Studio was also critically acclaimed.

The series is comprised of oils on canvas works, pencil drawings on rice paper, watercolors, and an installation apart from pencil drawings doe on art spectrum paper. Bhavna Kakar, the Latitude 28 director, describes Sarika Mehta as a promising, young and talented practitioner whose artistic journey in a way parallels her apprenticeship as a keen printmaker followed by a shift to painting gradually.

But what really makes her works stand out important and makes them thought-provoking are the varied possibilities that the artist offers in grasping the present psyche of mankind and our surrounding or environment. The creations force us to pause and mull over demography, the dying human settlements and also the debris of the past - long lost gone and almost endangered. She has employed for her installation a rather unusual setting - the winding staircase’s the hidden corners that come alive with an amazing algae-like composition.

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