Sunday, April 14, 2013

Contrivance promotes contemporary art and artists from West Bengal

A group from Bengal promotes contemporary art and artists

A group exhibit of paintings, graphics, sculptures and drawings done by the 'Contrivance' members was just held at the Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai.

'Contrivance' is a group of several talented contemporary artists fro, the state of West Bengal. It has come to be known as an innovative and creative coterie from Kolkata, revolving around contemporary art practices over time. 'Contrivance' celebrated 35 years of its fruitful journey through this show at Nehru Centre Art Gallery.

The artists who participated in this show were Ajay Das, Bikas Mukherjee, Avinash Biswas,  Dipankar Mukherjee, Malay Dutta, Mohi Paul, Joydeep Chatterjee, Nirmal Kumar Mallick, Pradip Sur, Srimanta Das, Nripen Nath, Sudip Saha, Swapan Denra, Sushanta Roy, Tanushree Ghosh, and Swarup Nandi.

The exhibition, as mentioned above, showcased work done in different forms, techniques and media by its members all presented on a common platform to let the viewer understand their vibrancy and diversity. They stood for myriad and mystical artistic expressions in oil, acrylic, watercolors, and charcoal apart from sculptures done in bronze and marble

Contrivance is a group of enthusiastic and multi-faceted artists who come from contrasting backgrounds and cultures, albeit with a common aim. Its founders and other members organize painting and sculpture shows in different galleries so as to promote art and artists. The nine enthusiastic young members who have effectively propagated art are Ajay Das, Dipak Ghosh, Bikas Mukherjee, Gopinath Roy, Mohi Paul, Kamal Sen, Pradip Sur, Tarun Ghosh, and Samir Mandal. They all have made immense contribution to this timeless and fruitful journey.

A TOI news report highlighted key features of the group and the show to mention that the works on view encompassed the spirit of modernism and Indian ethos, exuding both elegance and lively expressions.  It added: “These works encourage the understanding of modern art vis-a-vis the varied facets of contemporary art in different mediums and styles - for realistic work, abstract, landscapes, figurative works, portraits etc.”

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