Sunday, April 21, 2013

A vivacious venue that offers unmatched art experience

Le Sutra, probably India’s one and only art hotel, was in spotlight at the just-concluded Great Indian Travel Bazaar event in Jaipur.
It’s not merely a transit stopover but one that invariably stirs up those quiescent values, deeply ingrained, through its vivacious architecture. Driven by India’s mythological traditions and rich visual heritage, it brings a unique experience for the visitors with 'Sutra' that means thread or rope (in Sanskrit) holding things together.

The bewildering boutique hotel located in suburban Mumbai is built around the theme of 'gunas' that encapsulate the broader worldview in our philosophy. Its look and feel is based on mythological and mystical characters, presenting an enchanting voyage in philosophical and human evolution that evokes characteristics intrinsic to the qualities of love, sensuality, and purification. The space architecturally conveys, 'Rajas', 'Sattva’ and 'Tamas' virtues. If the floor denoting Tamas is colorful, intricate and opulent, the Rajas one depicts desire and indulgence. On other hand, Sattva floor is at best minimalist, ethereal aesthetic and celestial.

According to its general manager, Sunil Potey, the hotel takes a cue from an intriguing palette of myth, art, and history. He has been quoted as saying in an interview with Rachna Singh of TNN that in keeping with the core concept, each room is presented as a virtual canvas wherein the tale narrated creates unique experience for the guest subtly conveyed through paintings, artifacts, sculptures, chairs and inlays – all playing their part in terms of showcasing diverse philosophies and themes.

Working around this concept, several designers, artists, curators and visualizers have played their part in creating the hotel ambience based on a tomb of deep research. Intense brainstorming has gone into conceptualizing and constructing India’s first ever art hotel.

With a clear focus on the meaningful display of contemporary Indian art and its social relevance, the exhibition venue serves as a throbbing platform for exhibition-cum-research. Established in 2011, it hosts both emerging and established artists from India as well as across the world.

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