Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dhaka Art Summit

The Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) will return for its 2nd edition from February 7-9 2014. After the success of its 1st edition, the 2nd edition of the Summit will focus on the South Asian region and will highlight its vibrant contemporary art scene.

The DAS will feature exhibitions curated by local and international curators, solo art projects, a city-wide public art project, performances, and presentations including over 250 artists from across the South Asian Region. Several collateral exhibitions will take place around the city during the Dhaka Art Summit.

32 local and international galleries will participate by invitation in the 2nd edition of the Dhaka Art Summit. The participating galleries will exhibit works by artists from the pan South Asian Region.  DAS will also present several experimental film screenings curated by Mahbubur Rahman showcasing emerging artists from the South Asian Region. Details will be announced in October 2013.

DAS will feature 12 solo projects by established and internationally acclaimed contemporary artists from South Asia. In addition to these projects, DAS will also include several new commissions which will be created in Bangladesh by emerging South Asian artists who are beginning to build impressive international exhibition histories. These works, emanating from residencies in Dhaka, will reflect the artists’ research and experiences in Bangladesh.

After the success of its 1st edition, the 2nd edition of DAS will also feature a series of talks by renowned figures from the art world. The 2nd edition will focus specifically on the South Asian Region and key issues that command its art scene.  The Speakers Panel of DAS 2014 is curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt.

The summit will commission Dhaka’s largest public art project to date, spanning hundreds of billboards across the city. Raqs Media Collective will transform these surfaces into an artwork that explores ideas of time and space with their unique use of language, including Bengali. This project is curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt.

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