Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking to form a connection between the real and the perceived

Yearning of the soul to discover solitude and peace amidst all the chaos of tumultuous life forms the core of Neeraj Goswami’s practice. A solo exhibition of his recent works takes place at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.  

The restless practitioner reveals, “I believe truth lies in the moment…” Explaining how he perceives the bonds or boundaries that exist between humans among themselves and nature, he say, “It (friction) leads to repulsion and ultimately to destruction, whereas fusion can lead oneself to higher stages of attraction (at the level of consciousness).

“Human form is an inevitable extension of nature. All the forms in it animate -inanimate including human form are the structures of nature, if we trace the origin of it, then we realize they are made of atoms and cells with different configurations. One can sense nature functioning within and beyond through meditations.”

The idea on his part is to establish an artistic connection between the real and the perceived. According to him, when one reaches a certain state of mind within, one realizes the eternal essence of being going beyond the mundane. For him as an artist, the challenge is to create, explore and understand the geometry of the human body. He does so by breaking the forms as we tend to see outwardly and then simplifying the structure so as to make it look aesthetically more defined than the actuality.

Explaining this particular facet of his art, he has stated: “I am building my very own iconography by trying to weld silence and music, triangles, planes, sharp angles and curves merge with mysterious depths and fluid shadow-lines that balance out.” The resultant spontaneous images, though largely composed of cubism-inspired peculiar geometrical shapes, don’t give an impression of being disjointed.

An inherent sense of wholeness marks them, not least owing to the precision of his composition as well as the sensitive color range he unveils.

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