Friday, August 16, 2013

Owais Husain’s complex albeit mesmerizing works

It is not easy to decipher the fine layers of meaning embedded in Owais Husain’s complex albeit mesmerizing works. They have to be seen and perceived through his eyes. For example, in one of his earlier exhibition essays, he has stated: "The largest struggle we are witnessing today is not between nature and technology or between conflicting moral beliefs; it’s between our inner and outer lives.

"It’s the old philosophical 'mind-body' problem reaching a crescendo as an ecological drama where the end result rests not upon our realization alone that the natural-physical environ is one & the same as our bodies, but also that nature in itself is a form of mind.”

His equally powerful figurative work tends to dwell upon transfixed moments between ubiquitous people and situations. The complex works he often creates like house that you can find entry through both a window and a door to fathom the mystery. And as long as they elicit a response, he has no complaints.

Peeping into his restless mind, an essay published by AFP has stated: “To meet him is to understand why he opts to work in so many different mediums. He speaks in metaphors, jumping from subject matter to another and readily terming himself a ‘misfit’ who cannot be categorized neatly.”

Though traces of influence of his legendary father can well be detected, the sensitive artist has managed to create a niche for himself by following a totally different and refreshing approach to painting - slightly more intense and introspective - in a sense, more autobiographical in nature.

Now that the dust has settled down a bit regarding his father’s exile and subsequent acceptance of Qatar’s citizenship, Owais wants to take a dispassionate look at the turbulent times faced by his father. He has already outlined a documentary, focusing on the emotional turmoil during this trying phase as revealed in letters akin to emotional testimonials about what he experienced during the exile.

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