Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Works of seven Indian artists exhibited in Australia

The Contemporary Art Centre located in South Australia plays host to the artworks of several highly talented Indian artists who, as it describes, work with different avatars and extensions of the various photographic images. The exhibition, entitled ‘The Needle on the Gauge, curated by critic and scholar Ranjit Hoskote, features Gauri Gill, Ram Rahman, Gigi Scaria, Ryan Lobo, Samar Jodha, Ravi Agarwal, and Veer Munshi.

The showcase traces collective crises and afflictions visible in India through a series of documentary projects, posters, performance-based work, and composite media practices like blogs.

An environmental activist, writer and photographer, Ravi Agarwal is also the founder of Toxics Link and explorer of the embattled terrain of the ubiquitous urban self. A renowned designer, social activist, writer, curator, and photographer , Ram Rahman is among the founder members of the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) fighting the cause of for cultural freedom.

Gigi Scaria is a sculptor, video-maker and painter, who reflects on various situations of power asymmetry, such as internal migration, apart from focusing on the deeper divides of myth and amnesia inadvertently encrypted into our collective, constructed shared histories.

Samar Jodha is a film-maker, photographer and social activist who is known to work with street children, the aged people, miners in strife-worn regions of north-eastern India and peasantry.
Ryan Lobo is an urban researcher, an avid blogger and photographer who has worked on many documentary projects in conflict zones of Africa and West Asia . Veer Munshi is a video-maker, photographer and painter,who deeply probes into the Kashmir situation, the immense human and cultural suffering inflicted because of terrorism and proxy warfare.

Gauri Gill, who earlier worked as a photojournalist, has developed her art practice at the intersection between critical ethnography, the photographic installation and reportage. Born in Chandigarh she did her BFA at the New Delhi College of Art. She later studied at the Parsons School of Design, New York, and Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, where she completed her MFA.

The work of all these artists has been exhibited extensively across India and the world. ‘The Needle on the Gauge’ is presented courtesy Adelaide Festival Centre.

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