Monday, October 1, 2012

‘Un Collectif’ courtesy HabitArt and Alliance Française de Bangalore

The Alliance of Bangalore just hosted a new artistic collaboration with HabitArt for promoting contemporary art. The exhibition, entitled ‘Un Collectif’ featured the following artists:
Arindam Chakrobarty: Some of his notable shows are as follows: 2004 Solo exhibition at Dublin in Ireland sponsored by “Teamw‘Un Collectif’ courtesy HabitArt and Alliance Française de Bangalore and Ireland show at ITC, Sarani gallery. He presently lives and works out of Mumbai.

Ashish Maity: He worked as a Sculptor in National Council of Science Museum, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Ashish is developing new ideas and he will soon present a series of paintings in his style.

Manish Varma: He is a promising artist, and is producing excellent artworks, The Buddha series are created in his original style. The new and nostalgia reflected in his work stems from his roots and concern for the heritage.

Prakash G. Nayak: He has won many fellowships and awards early in his career. He has attended several art camps, participated in group shows and regularly exhibited works in solo shows. His works are in many private collections.

Priyanka Gupta Agarwal: The artist-photographer is a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute. She has been exhibiting her works in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and India since 2004. She has also been invited to participate in the Florence Biennale.

Ranjana Ramchander: She has developed into an artist with a unique perspective on life. Her work normally depicts the celebration of the human spirit- even in mundane situations. Her subjects are from the mix strata of our developing society.

Safdar Shamee: He has moved from figurative and portraits to abstract. Safdar’s free form abstracts are a result of last three years of experimenting. His subjects are realistic which are expressed in this free form style.

Sunil Sarkar: He has had many group shows and solo shows- the last solo show was at Habitart Bangalore in September 2010. His Train series in watercolors was very popular. Sunil’s recent Bull Series in charcoal has been a big success.
HabitArt,  a Bangalore-based artist residency, encourages young artists. The Alliance Française de Bangalore often offers a platform to emerging artists, both from India and France. The partnership between them has been formed with a focus on exhibitions in The Atrium, the latter's gallery space,  to give art lovers a chance to see new talent and follow new trends as well as perspectives.

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