Monday, October 8, 2012

A fair that sums up the art market mood and trends

Unlike most other fairs, Frieze London is housed in a bespoke temporary structure, which is located in Regent’s Park and benefits from having a natural light source, avoiding the atmosphere of a trade show, thus making the fair both lively and energetic.

Since its first year Frieze London has been visualized by several talented architects: David Adjaye, Jamie Fobert and Caruso St John, all well known for their work on museums and art galleries. Their brief is to make the fair an inviting and unique experience. Each year there are eye-catching changes to the design, décor, entrance and spaces such as restaurants and cafes. The architects 
have the opportunity to experiment and this adds to the experience of the fair.

In 2011 and 2012 London-based architectural studio Carmody Groarke have been the Frieze London architects. Carmody Groarke were recipients of the prestigious Building Design UK Young Architect of the Year (YAYA) in 2007, the practise won two RIBA awards in 2010 and were last year named as winners of the International Emerging Architecture Award by The Architectural Review.

For the last four years, each year it has had over 60,000 visitors including curators, artists, collectors, gallerists and critics, as well as the general public. Some visit as first-time collectors of art whilst others view the fair more as an exhibition, enjoying the experience as a cultural day out.

Frieze London released sales figures following the first three fairs. However, the Directors came to regard such results to be misleading and inaccurate, as many sales are completed post-fair, and many galleries choose to keep their sales figures private. From 2006 the fair has not released sales figures. Whilst the fair is a commercial venture, the fair equally relies on the relationships with collectors and curators made by participating galleries at the fair.

The Frieze London 2012 is curated by Sarah McCrory, she also curated the programme in 2011 and 2010.  The fair will be open to the public from 11th October 2012 to 14th October.

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