Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vickram Sethi speaks about Art Expo and Indian art market

“An art fair gives curators, art dealers, collectors, art consultants, critics and journalists a chance to see new art and get to know the galleries involved,” states Vickram Sethi (on left, pictured with art collector Harsh Goenka), the organizer of Art Expo India (AEI) in an interview to The khaleej Times.

Since the early 90s the art expert has dealt in art. He has watched the Indian scene flourish quietly. Following are his observations that he made in the elaborate interview:

• “Having had an art gallery of my own helped as it gave me first-hand experience of the difference between the art markets in India and the rest of the world. I decided that in order for India to have a chance of gaining a more impressive global standing, we needed an art fair.”

• “There are three main challenges to the Indian art market: international exposure, limited collectors and buyers and an unorganized art market.” These factions all interlink and affect each other, but a lack of consolidated resources within India for its art scene doesn’t help.

• “We need to make art accessible. There’s a lack of a museum culture within India and we don’t have enough grants, public or private funding to help introduce Indian artists on both an internal and external level. There is no single platform that gives artists an opportunity to exhibit internationally.”

• “Art, primarily, is a thing of beauty:It should be bought because you enjoy it, but having said that, as an investment it has continued to give a stronger return than traditional equity markets for those interested in investing in the medium to long-term.”

• “Our theme is emerging contemporary Indian art and the relationship with the international art scene. Art is about looking without prejudice and approaching subjects without preconceived notions."

• “Our exhibiting galleries are constantly bringing fresh perspectives to Indian art.”We only invite galleries who are passionate and ground-breaking in the artists they foster."

• “Art Expo India 2009 creates a space where collectors can see the context in which the art is produced and how far along the journey Indian art is. The result is a collection of the very best art India has to offer.”

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